The 76ers came home on Wednesday night to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia after a lose to the Miami Heat on Tuesday night in Miami which they could take some positive things from and build on them.  The Sixers were hoping to come back home to the comfort of their home court and fans.  The Sixers in what was no doubt their worst performance of the season against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night.  This was against a team that the Sixers should of defeated and especially at home.  The Sixers showed no heart or desire in this game and hometown faithful made them totally aware that they were not happy with the performance of this team on Wednesday night.  In the fourth quarter in typical Philadelphia fashion the fans booed this team and it was well deserved because the Sixers did not show up for this game.  The Raptors took it right to the Sixers and destroyed the Sixers, 99-78.

     The Sixers played so bad in a game in which they should of really won and they needed to win to really have any chance of winning the Atlantic Division.  This lose is crushing to their goal of winning the division and getting a manageable draw in the first round of the playoffs.  Things now don't look good for the Sixers because they just are not playing good basketball right now.

     The Sixers in the second half only scored 22 points total.  This was after the night before where the Sixers had given a solid effort and performance against the Miami Heat.  The key was they gave an effort in that game but where was that same effort,heart, and desire in Wednesday night's game.  Is it time to panic?  Is it time for this Sixers team to regroup?  Right now the Sixers are hanging onto the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference.  This is after most of the season the Sixers were leading the Atlantic Division.

     In the first half of Wednesday night's game it was a very high scoring and entertaining game.  The Sixers led at the intermission, 56-55 and they just looked like they were going to take care of business.  What a difference that two halfs of a game can make.  The Sixers were led by Jrue Holiday who scored 20 points.  The Sixers played with a short bench rotation.  Head Coach Doug Collins gave the bulk of the minutes on Wednesday night to Thaddeus Young,Lou Williams, and Jodie Meeks.

     There are a lot more questions after Wednesday night's performance against Toronto.  Should head coach Doug Collins be concerned about fatigue on this team right now?  Will the Sixers win the Atlantic Division?  That goal for this team appears to be slipping away.  The Sixers right now sit one and a half games behind the Boston Celtics in the Atlantic Division.  The Sixers are now in the seventh position in the Eastern Conference as well and if they stay in that spot that would mean a first round match up against either Miami or Chicago.  A far cry to where this team was sitting about two weeks ago or even last week.  The hopes of winning a playoff series now appear slim if the seeds stay put.  This promising season seems to be slipping out of the Sixers hands right now.  Can they stop the leaking in the ship?  Well Doug Collins needs to figure it out and plug the leaks because this team has nine of their last eleven games on the road.  Not an east task to say the least.