The Phillies in the early part of this season have struggled to score runs.  There had started to be a little rumbling going on amongest the Philadelphia Phillies faithful and some concern but on Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia the Phillies defeated the Miami Marlins and their ace pitcher Josh Johnson, 7-1 behind the Phillies ace Roy Halladay.

     The Phillies defeated the Marlins ace who had success against the Phillies especially at Citizens Bank Park before this game.  The Philadelphia Phillies offense got to Johnson and they got to him early and took him out of his game.  The Phillies got 11 hits in 3-2/3 innings off of Johnson.  It was the most hits ever given up by Josh Johnson in a game.  The Phillies also survived a slow start by their starting pitcher Roy Halladay but he got it into gear once the Phillies got him the big lead.

     This game was completely blown wide open in the bottom of the third inning when the Phillies in this inning brought 10 batters to the plate.  It was topped off by the Phillies second baseman Freddy Galvis, who is filling in for the injured Chase Utley, hit a double to right field and driven in two runs with the hit.  The third inning was the small ball type inning in which the Phillies will have to play a lot of especially in the early going until Chase Utley and Ryan Howard get back into the lineup.  This team is going to have to generate runs like the way they did in this inning.  They showed that they could do it and that had to relieve the sellout crowd .  Galvis's double was the only extra base hit in the inning.

     Roy Halladay struggled in the first three inning of Wednesday night's game but turned it around and completely took control of the game and pitched seven innings for the win.

     The Phillies did what they needed to do this night against a very good pitcher.  They went after him early and took control of the game and chased him out of the game.  The team just needs to come out relaxed and play fundamental baseball. Advance runner buy bunting and stealing bases to get into scoring position.  These are the type of things that generate runs.  Doing the little things will help this team win games.  The Phillies did show that they could play this kind of style.  Philadelphia and Philadelphia Phillies fans you can all breath a little bit better.  The Phillies offense woke up and finally scored some runs.