Doug Collins has the reputation of building teams and making them contenders and contenders quickly. Collins became the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers before the 2010-2011 season and the team made the playoffs. Well coming into this 66 game schedule the Sixers were coming into this season with the same team as last season. They made no changes like many teams in the NBA.  What was expected from this years team? There were no high fan expectations.

     The Sixers on Friday night were playing in their eyes a pretty important game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. They were coming off a very exciting game but a lost to the Denver Nuggets in overtime.  In the future is Saturday nights game at Miami against the Miami Heat so the Sixers needed a win at home against the Atlanta Hawks Friday Night.

     The Sixers have been winning games early by playing tough defense.  Head Coach Doug Collins believes for this team to be competitive in the Eastern Conference that they will need to play tough defense.  Friday Night they did that and they overcame a deficite to beat the Atlanta Hawks 90-76.  This was a nice win for the 76ers and hopefully something for them to build on as they head to Miami to take on Lebron James and company Saturday Night.

     The Sixers are now 11-4 and they lead the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference by 5 games already over the New York Knicks.  Coming into Friday's game the Sixers were 1-4 against winning teams and fans were thinking well yes they are 10-4 but against who.  Well I don't care 10-4 is better than 4-10 and they are beating the teams they are suppose to beat.  They did need to beat a team who did have a winning record.  The Atlanta Hawks are that and they have beaten the Miami Heat this year, so this was a good win for the Sixers.

     In Friday Night's game Thaddeus Young led the team with 20 points, Jrue Holiday had 16 points, 11 assists.  Elton Brand had 10 points, 16 rebounds.  Andre Iguodala had 11 points and 6 assists.  He also got his 1000th steal all-time and became the fifth Sixer all-time to accomplish that.

     When are Philadelphia 76ers fans going to come out and support this team.  When are you going to believe and buy into this team being a contender.  They are playing good basketball. They are winning games with their defensive efforts.  Head Coach Doug Collins a former Sixers player as well, has got to excite fans.  This team is competitive and now the fans need to support them at the Wells Fargo Center.  When will you believe Philadelphia 76ers fans? It is time to jump on board this 76ers wave.