The Philadelphia Flyers went into Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon to close out the regular season in which was a meaningless game.  Many though thought that the Flyers would be looking for payback for what happened in last weeks game late in the third period when the Penguins went after the Flyers and a brawl occurred.  Would this meaningless game be a preview of what would be seen in next weeks playoff opener which will have these same two teams playing each other in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  These two teams will see a lot of each other in the next two weeks.  The Flyers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-2, in this game.  Now let the real season begin and these two teams are ready for one another as the talking begins.  The Battle of Pennsylvania will begin with game one in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night.  This is going to be a entertaining, intense, and a very competitive series between these two cross-state rivals.  Don't be surprise if this series goes the full seven games and it could just be a classic series.

     The Pittsburgh Penguins, Eugeni Malkin scored his 50th goal of the season and also added an assist to wrap up his second NHL Scoring Title.  He finished the regular season with 109 total points and he became the nineth Pittsburgh Penguins player in their history to reach the 50 goal mark in the regular season.  He got his 50th goal with :12 seconds left in the second period on a shot that beat Philadelphia Flyers' goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.  It gave the Penguins a two goal lead and they would never lose that lead.

     Sidney Crosby, Chris Kuntz, and Pascal Dupuis also scored for the Pittsburgh Penguins in Saturday afternoon's game.  It was the first victory for the Penguins over the Flyers at Consol Energy Center since it opened in October of 2010.

     Brayden Schenn and Jaromir Jagr scored for the Philadelphia Flyers in the game.  It was a game in which the Flyers sat out Claude Giroux who was fighting the flu and well since this game really meant nothing to the team, they decided to rest Giroux, who is going to be a major key for the team in the upcoming playoffs.  For them to advance deep in the playoffs Giroux is going to be one of the main keys for the Flyers.

     The Philadelphia Flyers will now get ready to play the same Pittsburgh Penguins in Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the series will begin on Wednesday night in Pittsburgh.  It is really going to be important for the Flyers to get off to quick and good starts in these playoff games.  They just can not afford to get behind like they have in the regular season.  They are playing with fire if they really believe that they can play that way and come back in playoff games.  In the playoffs teams really tighten up their defense and just make it hard once they do get leads to give them up, so it is really vital that the Philadelphia Flyers get off to good starts.  Also it is goiing to be really important that the Flyers get good goaltending as well.  A hot goalie can carry a team deep into the playoffs.  The Flyers signed goalie Ilya Bryzgalov during the off season just for this.  He was signed to carry and lead the team through the playoffs.  He needs to play like he did during March where he played excellent for the Flyers.  He plays like that in the playoffs and the Flyers will be a tough team to beat.  Now it is the real season and all regular season records are thrown out.  The second season begins and the run for the Stanley Cup.