The Philadelphia Phillies on Monday afternoon were opening their home season against the Miami Marlins at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.  The Bank was packed and totally energized before the start of the game by the sellout crowd that was in attendance for the Phillies home opener to the new season.  The Phillies brought the crowd back to earth and quited the crowd with their lack of offense again in this game.  The Marlins defeated the Phillies, 6-2 and the Phillies are now 1-3 on this young season.  Should the Phillies fans have any concern already  by the Phillies lack of scoring four games into the 2012 season.  A few more loses by this team and more fans will have concerns.  It is just the way things are in Philadelphia.

     Freddy Galvis, who is playing for the injured Chase Utley, who is on the 15 day disabled list to start the season.  He knocked in both runs for the Phillies in Monday afternoon's game as Galvis snapped a hitless streak of 12-at-bats with an opposite field double for his first major league hit in his career.

     The Marlins on Monday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park scored as many runs as the Philadelphia Phillies have scored in their first three games combined.  Is there concern amongiest the Phillies even though it is so early in the new season.  Something is apparent and sign are starting to point towards.  They are certainly missing something in this lineup and four games in it is starting to show.  The team no doubt misses Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the lineup and they will be out till May or June.  This team is going to need to figure this out.  So far, four games in they are not hitting and are not generating scoring opportunities.

     The Miami Marlins Omar Infante hit two homeruns in the game as the Marlins jumped on Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and they quited the sellout crowd of Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park.  It marked the 205th consecutive sellout at the Bank but the fans had nothing to cheer about as the Phillies bats silented the crowd.

     The game well was pretty much decided in the top of the 6th inning.  Cole Hamels fielded a bunt and threw blindly to no one covering first base.  The play no doubt was John Mayberry Jr's to make.  It opened the door for the Marlins and they took full advantage of it as they went on to score more runs in the inning and it pretty much decided and clinced the game for Miami.

     The Phillies going inot Wednesday's game against the Marlins are 1-3 so far to the start of this young 2012 season.  The Phillies have not been three comes under .500 since 2007.  Should there be any concern?  Well not yet but the Phillies need to hit and play just simple fundamental baseball.  Charlie Manuel, the Phillies manager well needs to finally manage.  He might of been carried for a long time by the likes of Utley and Howard and well he just might be getting exposed.  Philadelphia fans just might be seeing what kind of manager that this team really has.  Charlie needs to ajust his style of managing and they question is can he?