The former head coach of Penn State football and legend Joe Paterno passed away on Sunday morning from complications from lung cancer.  He was head coach at Penn State for 46 years.  He had 409 career wins which is tops all-time in the Football Bowl Subdivision.  He coached five undefeated teams at Penn State and in 2007 Joe Paterno was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

     Paterno was born in Brooklyn,NY and attended Brown University.  He became the assistant football coach at Penn State in 1950 and took over for Rip Engle as head coach in 1965. Within his first three years as head coach he had two undefeated seasons, 1968 and 1969.  He won two national championships, 1982 and 1986.  Joe Paterno led the Nittany Lions to 37 bowl appearances and won 24 of those bowl games.

     Joe Paterno became a beloved figure in all of the college community.  He was so well known for his game-day image, his thick, square classes. He placed emphasis on ethics and moral conduct and his philosophy on football, toward athletes and academics were signatures of his coaching style.  He and his wife Sue also gave back to Penn State as well.  He and his wife donated $4 million to Penn State and funded the school's library which is named after them.  He changed Penn State forever and he had a personal touch which totally affected all his players, students and everyday people who had a chance to touch Joe Paterno.

     Paterno was fired early this season because of sexual abuse charges that were filed against his friend/former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.  The critics out there thought that Paterno should of done more.  He legally according to Pennsylvania law did nothing wrong but many thought morally he did.  Joe Paterno's legacy will live on at Penn State.  He did a lot of positive things.  This right now sticks out the most but Paterno did a lot of good by people he touched throughout his life.  The true character came out when all he wanted was for justice for all the victims and he just wanted Penn State to go on forward.

     Joe Paterno did report this to the chain of command and they were the one's who dropped the ball. Could he have done more, I am sure he tried.  The man did what probably just about everyone of us would of done in regards to someone we think we know. Jerry Sandusky was an animal who lived a double life.  He apparently did it well.  To have Joe Paterno take the total fall here is just not right.  Fine it was his program and if someone has this image of someone that is larger than life he should of done more.  This should not ever effect what he did for so many young adults in this tenure at Penn State.  I guess we will all find out how this will all turn out as time goes by but Joe Paterno should and will go down as an icon and legend. Joe Paterno thank you for all you have done and no one is perfect.  We all have skeletons in our closet and we all have made mistakes.