The Philadelphia Flyers have had a pretty successful season thus far.  They have had another season of 100 points or better.  They are going to enter the playoffs as a team who is going to be one of the favorites in the Eastern Conference to get to the Stanley Cup Finals.  On Tuesday night the Flyers were playing the New York Rangers, the best team in the Eastern Conference so far this season and a team that many NHL experts believe are the team to beat for the Stanley Cup going into this years playoffs.  The Rangers were also looking on this night to sweep the season series over their arch rivals the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Rangers again jumped out to an early lead against the Flyers, which they have done in each of the last five games they have played the Flyers this season.  The Rangers went on to beat the Flyers, 5-3 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and sweeped the season series.  It was also their eighth consecutive victory over the Flyers as well.  The Rangers also officially clinched the first seed in the Eastern Conference and they will have home ice throughout the playoffs in the East.

     The Rangers got off to a 4-0 lead before the Philadelphia Flyers could even settle in the game in the first period.  It was just too much for the Flyers to overcome.  This has been such a habit for the Flyers.  They seem to always get off to really bad starts in games this year.  This time it was too much of a mountain to climb for the Flyers and the Rangers were no way going to allow the Flyers to come back.  The New York Rangers have also outscored the Flyers this season 24-11.  They also swept the season series over the Flyers this year as well, 6-0.  The Flyers could see the Rangers in the playoffs as early as the second round and they just need to figure out a way to beat this team because right now the Rangers have their number.

     The Flyers also on Tuesday night allowed the New York Rangers three power-play goals.  The Rangers have one of the worst power plays in the NHL this year but against the Flyers they absolutely take full advantage of the man advantage.

     The Rangers scored two power play goals in the first period and made a 2-0 lead quickly a 4-0 advantage.

     The Flyers not only have not been able to solve the New York Rangers this season but they also have not been able to solve the Rangers goalie Hendrik Lundqvist either.  He moved his record against the Flyers this season to 6-0 with a goals against average of 1.83.  He has just absolutely been a rock in the nets for the Rangers in which the Flyers have not been able to solve all season long.

     The playoffs right now looks like the Flyers will play the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Penguins beat the Boston Bruins on Tuesday night for a huge win for them as well.  It looks like the Penguins will get the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference and will have home ice against the fifth seed and that looks like the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Flyers just hope they don't have to see the New York Rangers because they just can not seem to solve that puzzle this year.