The Philadelphia 76ers played the Orlando Magic on Saturday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia looking to end a two game losing streak and really did not want it to hit three in a row.  The Sixers really wanted to get back to their winning ways in which for three quarters of the season had them on top in the Atlantic Division.  The Magic though defeated the Sixers, 88-82.  It is the Sixers third lose in a row and their season is beginning to fall apart and their playoff hopes are hanging by a thread right now.  Head coach Doug Collins right now needs to find the answers because this promising season is beginning to slip away and the ship is about to totally sink.

     The Orando Magic did what a lot of teams are doing lately to the Sixers and that is jumping out to quick early leads.  The Magic jumped out to a 12-2 lead to start the game and they also started the second half on a 15-7.  Head coach Doug Collins is not happy how is team is playing and he is trying now to figure out just what he can do to save the season for this team.

     The Sixers need to find the answers and right away too.  They will have that chance real quickly as they travel to Boston on Easter Sunday and play the Celtics in if the Sixers have any chance of winning the Atlantic Division they will have to win this game but right now this team just needs a win of any kind to get some confidence back and going.  The Sixers going into Sunday afternoon's game against the Celtics trail them by two games for the division lead in the Atlantic Division.

     Jodie Meeks scored 16 points off the Sixers bench and it looks like that he is making a strong statement of being the starter and replacing Evan Turner.  Head Coach Doug Collins no doubt is taking notice of this and well he could make that decision after Sunday's game if the current starters don't get their act together.  Making Meeks the starter would put a struggling Turner on the bench.

     The Sixers starters struggled in Saturday night's game and head coach Doug Collins after the game has put everyone on notice that he would start this current group of starters one more time and if they don't produce than changes would be made to the lineup.  The current starting lineup of Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, and Elton Brand have another game to improve on their combined 13 for 44 shooting performance in Saturday night's game against the Magic.  This is not exceptable and is not good enough.  Thaddeus Young did have 20 points on the night for the 76ers.

     The Orlando Magic had a very good game from their superstar center Dwight Howard who had 20 points and 22 rebounds on the night and he totally dominated the Sixers.  He also was 12 for 18 from the free throw line as well.  Glenn Davis had a team high 23 points, 15 of which came in the third quarter.  J.J. Redick had 19 points as well for the Magic.

     The Sixers had no answers after the game and that is a major concern for this team right now.  The season right now is falling apart right in front of this team's eyes.  Not just the division title but also their playoff hopes too.  They are barely hanging on to their playoff spot right now.  This team had played well for much of the season but now look like a team that is totally out of gas.  They are lacking really right now a true star and go to player and it is totally showing.  Can head coach Doug Collins stop this ship from sinking.  That is the concern right now because it is sinking and sinking really fast.