The Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doug Collins for the second consecutive game and night shuffled the starting lineup and again he was made to look like a genious.  Could Doug Collins have just found the answer or just hit the button that this team needs right at this time.  Did Doug Collins just save the Philadelphia 76ers season?  Well for the second consecutive night the Sixers get a win and a win that they really needed to have.  This time the Sixers went up to Toronto and took on a Raptors team in which the Sixers should beat.  The Sixers defeated the Raptors and in convincing fashion, 93-75 on Wednesday night.

     This night center Spencer Hawes was in the starting lineup just one night after head coach had Hawes coming off the bench on Tuesday night against the Nets.  He was one of the main reasons against Toronto why the 76ers completely dominated the scoring down low.  Spencer Hawes had 12 points and five rebounds on the night for the Sixers.

     The Sixers just looked completely different than they have in their last 15 games.  They looked like the team in which led the Atlantic Division for most of this season until recently.  They played excellent team defense and also a complete team came.  They looked like they were all on the same page which is a very good sign and also a sign of a team that has an excellent coach in which this team will play for and who they totally respect.  They were a confident team and they played with that confidence all game.  They just took Toronto completely out of their game and they did it very early.  With the win on Wednesday night the Sixers moved their season record to 31-27.

     The 76ers left very little doubt on this night against the Raptors.  They put Toronto away and that is what a team that is making a playoff push is suppose to do.  Beat the teams you are suppose to beat and do it in conviencing fashion.  The game was put away early in the 4th quarter as the Sixers went on a 11-0 run in which they pushed their lead to 23 points.

     The Sixers Thaddeus Young continues to play very good basketball and he has done that for most of the season.  He has become a very dependable and productive player for this team.  He just continued this on Wednesday night against Toronto.  He led the Sixers with 17 points.  Elton Brand had 11 points and eight rebounds.  Spencer Hawes, Andre Iguodala, and Lou Williams each scored 10 points.

     The team comes home on Friday night to play again the New Jersey Nets at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  The Sixers again need to play excellent team defense and a total team game.  They are closing in on clinching a playoff spot and they need to build some confidence as they enter the playoffs.  They need to keep hold of their playoff spot and if they play like they have in each of the last two games, they will be in the second season.