The New Jersey Nets came down the turnpike on Wednesday night and guard Deron Williams lit it up against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center in helping the Nets to a 97-90 overtime victory over the division leading Sixers.  Williams scored 34 points and had 11 assists to lead the nights on the night.  He was just unstoppable all night long and the Sixers just had no answers.  It was just one of those nights for Williams.  It was the Sixers second straight overtime lose at the Wells Fargo Center. With the lose the Sixers are 12-6 overall and 9-2 at home.

     The Sixers were up 82-80 after guard Lou Williams hit a jump shot with 8.8 seconds left in regulation play.  It really looked like the Sixers would escape with the win on a night when it was just a struggle for the team offensively.  The Nets Williams though would not have any of it and he forced the game to overtime with a layup with only just 1.9 left in regulation.

    In the overtime the Sixers had a 90-88 lead and Williams again step up for the New Jersey Nets.  Williams tied the game with a jump shot.  Sixers guard Jodie Meeks missed a three at one end of the court and Williams went down court and hit a three pointer for the Nets and the Nets got a well deserved victory over the Sixers.  Deron Williams was just sensational and just about unstoppable on the night.  The Nets with the moved their overall record on the season to 6-13.

     In this game the Sixers big weakness again stood out.  This Sixers team is totally lacking a true big man/center and a go to guy.  This weakness will show a lot more down the road in the season when the Sixers play teams like the Heat and Bulls in the Eastern Conference.  The Sixers need the star guy in the post.  It is so very obvious and as the season gets down to playoff time the lack of a center is going to totally show.

     The New Jersey Nets guard play was excellent. They were more aggressive and quicker to the ball than the Sixers.  The big men that the Sixers do have on this team were injured and at one point during Wednesday nights game the Sixers had five guards on the court.

     The Nets also got 13 points, 19 rebounds from Kris Humphries and Anthony Morrow had 16 points. For the Sixers Lou Williams had 17 points and six assists off the bench.  Holiday had 14 points and Andre Iguodala had 12 points and six points.

     The bottom line on the evening for the Sixers was their offensive execution was poor. They often took bad shots and let the shot clock run down too much of their offensive possessions.  What is definitely so apparent about this Philadelphia 76ers team is they totally need a go to center.  This team is totally missing that and against the good teams in the league it is going to really show.  The Sixers will make the playoffs but how far will they really go.