Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will be signing autographs at Butler Sports Cards in New jersey tomorrow afternoon, a signing that will literally have armed security guards on site, as well as the Butler Police Department.

Why? Because animal rights activists have decided to line up outside of Butler's Sports Cards to protest the event. Facebook protest groups have also been created, with some pretty harsh comments about Vick and his previous role in the dog fighting ring flooding the comments section.

Regardless, Butler store owner Jeff Robbins says that he respects the right of people to protest but it is his event and he can bring Michael Vick in to sign autographs if he chooses to do so. Robbins also called Michael Vick's autograph the "most desired autograph in all of sports."

"This is what I do for a living, this is how I pay my bills and support my family," Robbins told "Whether it's Vick, or Eli Manning, or any other player in any sport, what they do in their personal life is what they do in their personal life. It's not my concern, and if a player is desired...that's what I'm paid to do."

Robbins says that he expects about 200 people to come to his store on Sunday afternoon for Vick's autograph. Tickets for the event will start at $90. 

Robbins also stated that he expects to donate approximately five percent of the profits from the autograph session to a charity of his choosing, likely an animal rights group.