I was fortunate enough to do a quick Q&A with Bryn Swartz of Bleacher Report. Check out the interview below: 

EG: What was your initial reaction after hearing that the Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson?

BS: Shock. I knew it was a high likelihood but it still caught me off-guard. A couple of DeSean's teammates had a chance to support him in the last few days and they didn't. That may have been the final, final straw.

EG: How will this move impact the Eagles' offense? What does this mean for Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper? 

BS: It definitely hurts the Eagles' offense. There's no denying that. DeSean Jackson is the team's best receiver, or was. Now the Eagles need Jeremy Maclin to return completely healthy and they need Riley Cooper to build off his breakout season in 2013. ​

EG: Are you at all concerned with the offense now, or do you still consider it to be dangerous for opponents to face? 

BS: The Eagles still have a really good offense. I think this knocks the Eagles out of the top three or four offenses in the NFL but let's wait and see how the team does in the draft. It's certainly possible that Maclin and Darren Sproles will be able to replace Jackson's production but realistically, expect the offense to take a slight step back in 2014. It'​s hard to maintain the success that they did from 2013. 

EG: Do you now see the Eagles drafting a wide receiver in the first round, or a defensive player?  

BS: I think the Eagles should draft the best player available on the defensive side of the ball in the first round but I think they'll take a wide receiver. Many draft experts have called this the best wide receiver class ever and Chip Kelly is going to find it hard to pass up some of the top talents in this year's draft class.