I was fortunate enough to do a quick Q&A with Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation. Check out the interview below: 

EG: What's the latest on DeSean Jackson and Evan Mathis? 

BLG: The latest on DeSean Jackson is that no one still really seems to know what's going on. Jackson posted some photos on Instagram the other day that some took as a positive sign. He indicated he talked to Chip Kelly recently, and Kelly confirmed that the two did talk. But when Kelly was asked about DeSean's future with the team on Wednesday morning, he gave a very non-commitall answer of "I like DeSean, but we are going to do what's best for our team." As far as Evan Mathis goes, it seems like Drew Rosenhaus (Mathis's agent) approached Eagles GM Howie Roseman on the subject of a raise. The Eagles are probably unwilling to give Mathis a new contract considering he's only two years into his current five year deal. But that doesn't mean the Eagles can't look to trade Mathis to a team that would be willing to pay him more. It doesn't seem like the Eagles wouldn't be able to find good value in return if they trade Mathis. I think he stays.​

EG: Do you think Jackson stays or will he be gone? 

BLG: I've maintained all along that there's probably more to the DeSean Jackson situation than we really all know. It just doesn't make sense on the surface. But I just don't think he's back. If reports are to be believed, the Eagles decided to move on from Jackson over a month ago. There's still plenty of time in the offseason for him to be dealt (or released), so we'll see how it goes. The Eagles should keep DeSean, but based on what's been reported I just don't get the sense they will.

EG: What are your thoughts on the Eagles signing Mark Sanchez? What kid of impact will this have on Barkley and Kinne? 

BLG: It's hardly a thrilling move. Sanchez actually owns the worst passer rating in NFL history for all quarterbacks who have at least started for four seasons. Then again, the offensive talent and coaching Sanchez had to work with during his Jets tenure was hardly accommodating. The Eagles have a strong supporting case and Sanchez won't be asked to carry the team here since he's coming in as a backup. Sanchez will probably compete directly with Matt Barkley for the number two job. G.J. Kinne could also be in the mix but the Eagles could elect to keep him on the practice squad again this year.​

EG: What kind of impact will Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles have on this team? 

BLG: Jenkins is a versatile safety that the Eagles can line up all over the defense. That's something that defensive coordinator Bill Davis likes to do with his players, so it looks like Jenkins will be a good fit. He's also expected to be a leader on and off the field. Sproles will give the Eagles yet another weapon on the offensive side of the ball. Despite being listed as a running back, I think most of the damage Sproles will do is as a receiver. Sproles caught a total of 71 passes last year without dropping a single one.​

EG: What grade would you give the Eagles' offseason and why? 

BLG: Well it's hard to say given the unknown status of DeSean Jackson and Evan Mathis. But since they're still on the team, I'll assume that's a constant for now. As far as the signings in free agency go, as well of the in-house signings that took place before FA started, I have to give the Eagles a solid A-. They didn't make much of a huge splash: signing Jenkins and trading for Sproles were the biggest moves. But overall I think you can't come away displeased with what they did. They added some much-needed bodies at the safety position (Jenkins, re-signed Nate Allen), added a strong third cornerback (Nolan Carroll), boosted the special teams unit (Chris Maragos, Bryan Braman), traded for a new offensive weapon (Sproles), retained their two wide receivers (Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin), and fortified the security on their offensive line (contract extensions for Jason Peters and Jason Kelce).