I was fortunate enough to ask Tyler R. Tynes of the Philadelphia Daily News a few questions regarding the Philadelphia 76ers and their 2014 NBA Draft lottery selections. Check out the interview below: 

Q: What was your initial reaction after hearing the Sixers received the No. 3 and No. 10 overall selections? 

A: When I saw the No. 10 pick I wasn't too shocked, but after the No. 4 pick was revealed and I saw another insufferable commercial, no matter what pick the Sixers got, it should have made the fan base excited. I never expected them to get the top pick, but I did think they would grab the 4th pick, so all-in-all, you can't be too upset with the outcome. Unless you're someone who dislikes Cleveland.

Q: Are you satisfied with the draft picks Philadelphia received? 

A: It's not really about satisfaction. The Sixers were never in any serious danger to have a pick outside of the top five and then another at 10, even if they got two back-to-back picks anywhere on the board (which wouldn't have happened), anyone in the fan base should have been excited. There's no way you don't get excited if your team, no matter who they are, gets two top-10 first round picks in any draft, in any sport.

Q: Who should the 76ers select with their 3rd overall pick? What are their best options? 

A: To me, if the chips fall correctly and Andrew Wiggins is still on the board at 3, he's the clear option due to his elite athleticism and how well he could mesh in transition with a team with the league's fastest pace. If Embiid is the lone prospect left of Parker, Wiggins and the aforementioned, the Sixers should look at Noah Vonleh or Julius Randle for their 3rd overall. 

Embiid isn't a huge mesh with the team after spending a year rehabbing defensive minded Nerlens Noel. The Sixers are also lacking a true backup player in the front court, specifically a ferocious rebounder that can play beside Noel or someone who could work in the Pick-and-Pop or Pick and Roll with Michael Carter-Williams. Randle averaged over ten rebounds per game and Vonleh had nine. Both run the floor like deer, one is extremely athletic, the other has the most upside of any forward in the draft.

One last option would be Marcus Smart, but I'm not completely sold on him playing a backup guard spot on the team or being a primary two-guard since he shoots extremely inconsistently from the floor and lacks great shot IQ. 

With their tenth pick (depending who's on the board): Doug McDermott, Gary Harris, James Young or Nik Stauskaus would be very good fits for the offense. All players who can come off the bench and shoot well from the perimeter, which would be great for a team that was ranked 30th in the NBA in three point shooting %.