The New York Jets have officially signed quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year, $5M deal. 

Jets' training camp should be real interesting, especially if there is a head-to-head battle between Vick and Geno Smith for the starting QB job. 

Check out my Q&A with Amiri Tulloch of The Green And White Show, as he gives his take on the Vick signing. To listen to the full Green And White Show, click HERE

EG: What was immediate reaction when you heard the New York Jets signed Michael Vick?

AT: My immediate reaction was one of confusion. Ever since Vick was cut by the Eagles, I said that he is -- at best -- a quick fix for a team trying to win-now. If he can come in and backup Geno if Smith gets hurt, I'm fine with that. But, fans need to realize that he is coming here as a starting quarterback -- not a backup. There's a huge distinction there.

EG: What are your overall thoughts on the signing?

AT: As mentioned in my previous answer, I was extremely confused by GM John Idzik's decision. For starters, the Jets do not need a quick fix right now. Are they a team that will win now? One look at the roster tells you that is not the case. Plus, look at the young talent on the offense and defense. Why would you try to mortgage your future to hastily put something together? To me, the move to get Vick was John Idzik feeling pressured to put something together to appease the fan base. Not exactly a recipe for success.

EG: What do you think Vick will bring to the Jets? What kind of impact do you see him making? 

AT: I think Vick brings a veteran presence to the locker room and to the team. I think he brings a unique ability to provide explosions and bursts of offense. I think he provides an ability to make defenses double think with his one-of-a-kind running and passing skill set. But, alas, it all goes down the drain if Vick can not stay healthy during the season.

EG: What kind of impact does this have on Geno Smith? Do you see a head-to-head battle between the two in training camp?

AT: I'd be lying if I tell you that this move doesn't has an impact on Geno Smith, and I'd be lying if I tell you that Vick's impact is a positive one. Geno Smith is a young, 24-year-old quarterback. To be competing against a grizzled veteran that is expected to start is probably the worst thing that could happen to a guy his age, this early in his career. Let's be honest here: what Geno Smith needs right now is support, not competition. Didn't he prove himself last year, leading a mediocre roster to 8-8 and 3-1 in their last 4? It can't just be me, right?

EG: Who do you see ends up being the Jets' starting quarterback? 

AT: That's such a difficult question, because both could end up starting game one. I would rather see Geno Smith start this year, because he's going to still be playing in 5-6 years; Vick won't. Put simply, in today's NFL, having a long-term plan matters. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, two extremely young teams that draft well and invest in the right players. Geno Smith should be able to command his own team, a team that obviously responded to him last year. Then again, on the other hand, knowing that Rex Ryan is on the last leg of his contract with the Jets, and he needs to put together a playoff contending season if he wants to keep his job, I wouldn't be stunned if he makes the decision to start Vick. Because, even I will acknowledge that Vick is the best player in town if you need to win games immediately.