The Sixers in front of a sellout crowd at the Wells Fargo Center on Friday night played a team in the Miami Heat that was totally ready to show why they are the top team in the Eastern Conference and also the entire NBA.  This game on Friday Night was suppose to be a measuring stick for the Philadelphia 76ers and to find out just where this team stands against the giants of the NBA.

     The Miami Heat let the Sixers know that the Heat are the top team in the Eastern Conference and they will be the team to beat with their 99-79 victory over the Sixers.  The Heat in the fourth quarter just took total control of the game and just dominated the play.  They blew the game wide open and made what was a close game for three quarters into a blow out.

     The Heat just made it look easy, almost too easy at times in the fourth quarter.  It included a 25-7 run by the Heat in the final quarter.  The Heat just could not miss a shot and were doing everything right.  The Heat coming into this game knew that they needed to play a 48 minute basketball game after losing in Milwaukee on Wednesday night to the Bucks.  In Friday nights game against the Sixers, Lebron James had 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists to lead the Heat on the night.

     The Heat, 17-6 against the Sixers whose record fell to 16-7, showed what other NBA teams could take as a blueprint to beat the Sixers is.  The Heat shot the ball well and they completely dominated the boards against the Sixers.  It was just too much talent for the Sixers too overcome.

     Thaddeus Young led the Sixers with 16 points. Jodie Meeks and Lou Williams each had 13 points and Jrue Holiday had 11 points and seven assists.  Andre Iguodala had 10 points, 7 rebounds, and six assists.

     What the Sixers did show on Friday night against the Heat is that they do need a go to guy/superstar player down in the interior.  The Heat totally exposed that and in an earlier game down in Miami it was shown as well.  The Sixers on Friday got very little support by their interior players.  The Sixers really to take a look at this because against the Heat it was totally shown and big time.

     The Sixers travel to Atlanta on Saturday night to take on the Atlanta Hawks in a very tough road game.  The schedule gets harder for the Sixers and the fans are going to find out a lot about this team in games against the tough competition.