• Juan Castillo.  Although many claim, including me, that hiring the former offensive line coach as defensive coordinator was a bad idea, firing him mid-season didn’t seem like a solution for the many problems the Eagles possess this year.  After this week’s defensive debacle, it sure looks as though Castillo wasn’t the problem.  Granted, Matt Ryan makes any defense look bad this year but biting on play action every single time is a huge problem for the defensive backs.
  • LeSean McCoy fantasy owners.  I never bring up fantasy football when it comes to analyzing this team but it’s hard to find winners in a game full of disappointment.  Even though McCoy got only 45 yards rushing (on 16 carries), he grabbed a receiving touchdown along with a rushing touchdown this game.


  • Offensive Line.  Three of the five opening day starters did not play this game due to injuries.  Because of this, Vick is getting rushed and hit more often than not.  Last year, the Eagles averaged 2.3 yards per rush before contact.  This year it’s down to 2.0 yards.  Simply put, the holes aren’t there for the backs.  The team’s issues start with the line and without a fix; it will be a long year for the offense.
  • Andy Reid’s play calling…again.  This feels like a broken record but I feel like it must be said.  LeSean McCoy had 19 touches (16 carries, 3 receptions) this game.  Give.  Him.  The.  Ball. 

A short Winners and Losers post I know, but this week I’ll have another post coming out about the ridiculous ‘Bench Vick” rumors going along.  Next week I should have a Mid-Season Report so look for that as well.