The Philadelphia Eagles finally have their new Defensive Coordinator in former Cleveland Browns Linebackers Coach Billy Davis.

A story that will probably be retold multiple times as many sites report this hiring is one in which Davis as a kid was hired to be a ball boy for Dick Vermeil for the Philadelphia Eagles years ago.

Looking back at his resume, Billy Davis started off as a graduate assistant for Michigan State, which then led to multiple defensive assistant jobs for the Steelers, Panthers, Browns, Packers, Giants, 49ers, Cardinals, and finally the Browns again.  He has held title Defensive Coordinator twice, once for the 49ers from 2005-2006 and again for the Cardinals from 2009-2010.

Although Davis’ defenses (while he was coordinator) haven’t had a lot of success, many expect that it could have been circumstantial in terms of talent on the team.  Nonetheless, he has a ton of work to do to figure out what kind of scheme would bring success to the Eagles defense.

So the big question is whether or not the Eagles are going to switch to a 3-4 defense or simply stick with the 4-3.  To that I give you this post that shows the flexibility of Davis’ defense years ago when he was the Cardinals LB coach.

With that being said, it sure looks like the Eagles are making the switch.  It’s going to be tough converting many players to their rightful positions in the 3-4.  But Eagles fans should know that this project isn’t going to be a one offseason project.  It might be a full two years before the Eagles finally have all their pieces for the 3-4.  All of this is purely speculation but by hiring Billy Davis, it looks as though the Eagles are making the switch.


As a quick side note, I was going to wait until the Eagles officially announce the whole staff to do a profile of each coach.  However, Chip Kelly and the Eagles seem to prefer to wait until everyone is hired to confirm all of the signings.  So expect shorter but more blogs about anything from staff hirings to players signings/cuts.