Andy Reid the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles finally came out and spoke to the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles for the very first time since the Eagles ended a very disappointing and promising season.  He told everyone he was disappointed and that 8-8 was not acceptable and he has to get better.  He also let the fans know he did offer the defensive coordinator position to Steve Spagnuolo but it was an open ended job offer.  Andy can you please really let all the fans know why Juan Castillo is coming back to the team as its defensive coordinator for the 2012 season.  The only change that Andy did make was his defensive back coach, who he announced would be Todd Bowles.  Andy you just don't get it or you just don't want to.

     Andy Reid why did you not offer Steve Spagnuolo complete control of the defense?  What in the world were you thinking or who were you trying to please.  The ball was in your court when it came to the coaches on the team. Jeffrey Lurie told everyone that any coaching decisions to be made on this team were up to you Andy.  You certainly did not do what was best for this team.  You are not only kidding the fans here, you are really kidding yourself.  Juan Castillo is not the best viable option here.   He proved that he was in over his head and that he looked like a coach who just did not know what he was doing.  Don't tell the fans that the defense improved and the team won four straight because at the end of the day the team was playing against teams that had sub .500 records.  Steve Spagnuolo has won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants as their defensive coordinator in 2008 on their improbable run when they ended the New England Patriots bid for an undefeated season.  Spagnuolo had a lot to do with the Giants success in that game with the defensive game plan the Giants executed against New England.  Why in the world would Andy Reid want Spagnuolo to share the responsibilities with Juan Castillo and Jim Washburn.  What a complete and absolute joke.

     Reid's thought process was he really thought two great coaches on the defensive side of the ball was better than having one.  Andy Reid what are you thinking and doing here? Juan Castillo is a great defensive coach?  Juan is on the same level as Spagnuolo, come on Andy who is kidding who here.  What are you talking about here Andy fantasy football.  Juan Castillo is not on the same level as Steve Spagnuolo.  Andy what you did what you completely insulted Spagnuolo and what does Steve Spagnuolo do.  He goes to the New Orleans Saints and becomes their new defensive coordinator.  Andy Reid's ego again gets in the way of making a decision that is of the best interest of the team.  He just did not do the right thing here and what he did tell the Eagles fans is that he just did not want to hire Spagnuolo.  Was Andy Reid just having a dog and pony show when it came to bringing Spagnuolo back to the Eagles.  Andy did you really have any interest in Spagnuolo or was it just a courtesy visit which was made.  Andy if you really wanted to fix it you really could of done it by getting Steve back in Philadelphia.  He could of given him complete control of the defense and you could of shown him the money.  The New Orleans Saints did and they do have a shot at winning a championship, and the Saints organization did not try to insult him and just wasting his time.

     Juan Castillo is back and really did the Philadelphia Eagles organization really want him even back before the 2011 season as the defensive coordinator.  When the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie gave his annual state of the Philadelphia Eagles address on January 3rd, he was certainly very clear that making Juan Castillo the defensive coordinator might of been the teams last choice on a list that had other options on it.  Juan was literally the last man standing and at the end of the day was not Andy Reid's first choice, second choice, and not even his third choice.  Andy Reid did want to give Juan a shot and well it all just fell into place.

     What the Eagles have here is a defensive coordinator who they just really did not want last year or even for the upcoming 2012 season but all the cards just fell that way.  The defense this past season played very badly and just looked really bad at times.  This whole thing has been nothing more that a soap opera.  Eagles fans are you confused yet because I am totally  at what direction that this team is going in.  Why is Juan Castillo here again for another season?  Juan did not even find out he was returning in 2012 until this past Monday.  Andy Reid what were you doing?  Have to say that Juan is a totally team player here.  He is now in a no win situation because everyone expects him to fail. If he succeeds he will not get credit.  That is more then enough reason that Juan himself should of left on his own.  Andy did name Todd Bowles his new defensive backs coach. Andy why did you not name Bowles the co-defensive coordinator title that you tried to insult Steve Spagnuolo with.

     Philadelphia Eagles fans after listening to Andy Reid's news conference on Tuesday afternoon there is absolutely no reason to believe or think that things within this organization are going to change.  The 14th season to come under the direction of Andy Reid just looks like the same old song and dance again for yet another season under Reid.  When does this end?  I really don't sense any excitement among the Philadelphia Eagles faithful and really why should there be.  The Eagles fan base is a truly loyal and intelligent group and there is no way these fans are buying any of Andy Reid's bill of goods.  Come on Andy that is all you had to say and tell the Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Thank you and the time is yours.  Hey Andy Reid it is time for you to leave.  Well from where I sit your welcome was gone three seasons ago.  It is just again the same old, same old. Enough is enough, it is time for Andy Reid to go.