After the dreadful loss to the undefeated Atlanta Falcons, impatient fans clamored for a change at quarterback.  This Eagles team is supposed to be a Super Bowl contender with a high flying offense and a defensive line that’s supposed to get after quarterbacks.  At 3-4, the Eagles are barely PLAYOFF contenders, let alone Super Bowl contenders.  So with early mistakes by Vick (even though he didn’t play poorly Sunday against the Falcons), fans want something new.  They want rookie QB Nick Foles.

Before going into this mistake of wanting Foles, let me explain why fans want him to start over Vick.  For one, the backup QB is the most popular player in the team.  He hasn’t shown any of his weaknesses (yet) so fans love him.  Foles had a somewhat successful preseason when Vick went down with injury.  The problem is Foles only played in the preseason, against players fighting for a roster spot.  We have no idea how he would play against starters for a full four quarters in a regular season game.  In a season where the Eagles are technically not out of playoff contention, you go with the best option at quarterback, and that’s Vick.

Against the Falcons, Vick wasn’t the problem.  It’s a bad offensive line filled with injuries.  You think Foles is more likely to succeed in this offense than Vick?  If yes, then I’m sorry, but you’re out of your mind.  Foles very well may be the next Tom Brady in terms of backup quarterbacks rising to the elite status.  But no one know can know that.  There is too much uncertainty in believing in a rookie QB behind a bad offensive line in a season that’s not lost yet.

This morning, Andy Reid announced the Eagles are sticking with Vick as the starter.  Even though this is the right decision, it should be noted that Reid HAD to announce a QB change wasn’t happening this week.  I don’t see Belichick announcing Tom Brady is the starting QB this week.  It’s assumed.  So it’s not a good thing that Reid had to declare Vick’s status for this game.

The Eagles are in trouble.  It’s easy to blame the starting quarterback.  However, Vick isn’t necessarily the reason why the Eagles aren’t living up to expectations.  I can name five other reasons why the Eagles aren’t good (a bad offensive line, a defensive line that can’t pressure the quarterback, defensive backs that bite on every play action pass, special teams that let players run all over them, and of course a coach that ignores the best player on the team).  It’s going to take a while, but if Andy Reid can at least run this team through LeSean McCoy, then I expect the Eagles to still win 10 games this year, which in a tough NFC conference, may not be enough for a playoff bid.