On Tuesday Afternoon the Philadelphia Eagles fans and media will finally get to see the head coach Andy Reid since the Eagles season ended on New Year's Day at Lincoln Financial Field against the Washington Redskins.  Andy and family went away on vacation and came back and we have not heard from the head coach.  We will tomorrow and the Eagles are making this sound like there is going to be a big announcement.  It will not be the announcement that Eagles fans want to here.

     Andy Reid will announce that former Miami Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles has been signed by the Eagles as their new defensive backs coach.  Reid will also announce that offensive coordinator and assistant head coach Marty Mornhinweg will be back for the 2012 season.  Ok Eagles fans are you ready.  Are you ready for the big announcement.  You are not surprised here or you just already knew.  Andy Reid will tell all of the media and fans that Juan Castillo will be back for the 2012 season as the defensive coordinator.

     I hear no excitement from Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Come on why is there no excitement here. It is going to be the same old, same old stuff with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.  Andy Reid's ego is still there and bigger than ever.

     They say a certain thing rolls down a hill and it certainly does with the Philadelphia Eagles. It all starts with the owner of this team, Jeffrey Lurie who tells the Eagles fans that he models his team after the New England Patriots. Really Mr. Lurie you do, well the Patriots are going after their fourth Super Bowl trophy.  How many Super Bowl Championship trophies are there down in the trophy case at Lincoln Financial Field.  Jeffrey can you please speak up I can not hear you.  How many trophies are there?  Mr. Lurie you have zero,goose egg, none.

     Philadelphia Eagles fans this team will not and I repeat will not win a Super Bowl with Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid still making the decisions for this team.  Mr Lurie in his state of the Eagles address was not happy and told everyone this was the most disappointed he has been about a season since 1999.  Really Mr. Lurie so why did you decide to keep Andy Reid here as head coach of the Eagles for a 14th season.  You tried to tell everyone that Andy was well respected in the NFL and if the Eagles were going to win the Super Bowl than the Eagles had a better chance of doing it with Andy Reid as the head coach.

     The media and fans were also told that any coaching decisions would be Andy Reid's call.  Well Andy you had a chance to correct the mistake you made by making your offensive line coach Juan Castillo your defensive coordinator in 2011.  Andy you had a chance to grab Steve Spagnuolo as the defensive coordinator but you let him go to the New Orleans Saints as their defensive coordinator.

     The big announcement Philadelphia Eagles fans that Andy Reid will tell everyone is the Juan Castillo will be back in 2012 as the defensive coordinator.  We should all be excited but why am I not excited about this.  Well it is just going to be the same old song and dance.  Thanks Andy Reid for the surprise.  You really learned from your mistakes.